Art Exhibit: "Glimpses of Italy" by Roger Hammons

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The vignettes presented in my "Glimpses of Italy" exhibit represent quiet moments, a personal meditation on the land, its bounty, and the work of human hands.  I hope they draw you in and inspire within you a sense of peace and well-being this holiday season.

Italy is special.

When my wife and I were graduate students at UCLA, we saved one of our fellowships to travel for two months by train through England, Scotland, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, and Crete.  What a marvelous adventure it was!  As our family grew, we returned to Italy for business or pleasure several times.  Each experience was special.  These images are from a 10-day trip last year devoted to photographing Tuscany, Cinque de Terre, and Rome.  

Award-winning images in the gallery include:

  • “Tuscan Morning” – Fog rolls in like the tide, separating quaint farmhouses in the hills of Tuscany.
  • “I Spy the Passersby” – A hidden corner of a small Italian town intrigues with its old bricks, worn cobblestones, elegant flowers-and-lace windowsill, and mysterious onlookers.  
  • “Evening Glow” – A town built on a finger of land, which plunges dramatically into the sea, lights the night with a mesmerizing glow.

Other personal favorites of mine include:

  • “Tryst at the Colosseum” – A traditional view of the Colosseum in Rome, taken at night, alone in imposing splendor; but, in the foreground, two lovers look on.
  • “Of Italy Long Ago” – An Italian city as it might have appeared in the Renaissance.  Playing the role of the Pope for an Italian TV series, Dustin Hoffman was on set.  What an unexpected pleasure!
  • “And the Clusters Ripened Into Grapes (Gn 40:10)” – A lovely image of grape clusters, shrouded in netting, along a wrought-iron fence.  I love the abstract interplay among the netting, the grapes, and their shadows, against the architecture in the background.

The remaining images are equally evocative, celebrating both rural and urban Tuscan landscapes with a charming mix of farmland and buildings in the Italian style.   Enjoy!


Prints are available for sale from the artist.  703-729-3780



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