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Ashburn, Virginia, family and children's portrait photographer Roger Hammons shares a 15-month old toddler's baby portrait."All About Me!" Toddler Portrait KRISH HAD JUST STARTED WALKING.   

To prepare for Krish's 15-month portrait session, I asked his mother Ami to tell me a little bit about her son.  She told me that he's very smiley; loves dump trucks, blocks, balls, and Cheerios; babbles a lot; does not like to be held; doesn't walk yet but likes to roam; and says a few real words.  

Did you catch that?  "Doesn't walk yet but likes to roam."  By the day of the session, however, Krish was walking and, yes, he did like to roam!  

It was a fun session.  We took family portraits amused by the tickler.  Then Krish sat in chairs and climbed on chairs.  He stood by the chest, sat on the chest, and walked away from the chest.  He crawled, he ran, he wriggled.  

We caught butterflies and played with a big red kickball.  And we all made noise, lots of noise!  Happy days are like that, especially in the studio. 

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