One Year Old Baby Portrait

March 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Lunging Toddler Portrait | Northern Virginia Family PhotographerLunging Toddler Portrait | Northern Virginia Family Photographer


A portrait session with a one-year-old is always an adventure.  You might have a plan.  You might have photographs you desperately want to make.  You might have made them many times before.  But one-year-olds have their own ideas.  And they refuse to negotiate!

One-year-olds are curious; they're mobile; they're energetic.  Sometimes they're wild!  

So it was with Jax's session.  

I love this portrait of Jax.  Toddling towards my camera a bit precariously, he's bursting with energy and curiosity.  You can see, in his face, great fun and anticipation.  If he were older, you'd swear there's mischief in those eyes.  

I suspect he's thinking, "You believe the camera is yours; but I know the camera is mine!"

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