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For Emilia's 6-month Watch Me Grow! portrait session, I wanted to create some photographs that included wood blocks that spelled out her name.  

I found the ABC Photo Blocks by Pearhead online.  I loved the look of this set, which consisted of nine colorful wooden blocks, each block having different letters on its six sides.  I was a little concerned as to how many children's names could be spelled using just nine blocks, but I took a chance and ordered.  Great decision!

Here are the blocks that were in my set:


1 A E I L D S
2 A E N C I B
3 A J Z U O N
4 A N K W G V
5 A S M R D L
6 B I E P M H
7 C L N X F T
8  E O T J Q Y
9 H N T O R S


Figuring out an arrangement of blocks to spell a name is a fun word game.  Sometimes it's easy; sometimes, a bit harder.   Obviously, any name with more than 9 letters is not possible, but fortunately those are rare!  For Emilia, my initial fumbling led me to suspect that her name might not be solvable -- but, as this cute portrait of Emilia demonstrates, I ultimately succeeded. 



  • Can you find a solution for Emilia?
  • Can you find an arrangement for your own name?  
  • Can you find a name with 9 or fewer letters that has no solution?


Here are some common names and their solutions that show the versatility of the Pearhead ABC Photo Blocks:

  • MARIE:  6-3-5-2-1
  • ELIZABETH:  8-5-6-3-4-2-1-7-9
  • ANDREW:  3-2-5-9-1-4
  • KATHY:  4-1-7-6-8
  • MICHAEL:  5-6-7-9-3-2-1
  • JESSICA: 3-8-9-5-6-2-1
  • PATRICK: 6-3-7-5-1-2-4
  • KIMBERLY:  4-6-5-2-1-9-7-8
  • ROBERT:  9-3-2-1-5-7
  • JANIS:  8-4-3-2-1
  • KATHLEEN:  4-3-7-9-5-6-1-2
  • VINCENT:  4-6-9-2-1-3-7
  • HAILEY:  6-3-2-5-1-8
  • JAX:  3-1-7
  • LAURA:  7-2-3-5-1
  • LISA:  7-2-5-1
  • SARAH:  9-2-5-1-6
  • NATHAN:  4-3-7-6-1-2
  • JESSE:  3-2-9-5-1
  • CHRIS:  7-6-5-2-1
  • MICHELE:  6-2-7-9-8-5-1
  • DEBORAH:  5-8-2-3-9-1-6
  • ARTHUR:  1-9-7-6-3-5
  • ROGER:  9-3-4-1-5


# # # 

To participate in the "Watch Me Grow!" Portrait Series, with baby portrait sessions at 3-months, 6-months, and 1-year of age, call or email Roger today!  Only a few spaces for new clients are available each month.  

And be sure to bring the sequence of block numbers that spells your baby's name!  Use mine or find your own.  :-) 

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