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2 - Clock Tower, Downtown Winnsboro3 - Courthouse, Downtown Winnsboro5 - Best for Less and Hoot's, Downtown Winnsboro7 - Building with Sealtest Ice Cream Sign, Downtown Winnsboro8 - Detail of Building with Sealtest Ice Cream Sign, Downtown Winnsboro9 - Dilapidated Mansion, Downtown Winnsboro10 - Small Commercial Building, Downtown Winnsboro12 - Office of the Coroner, Downtown Winnsboro14 - Empty Lot, Downtown Winnsboro16 - First Methodist Church, Downtown Winnsboro17 - Post Office Reflected in Stained Glass of First Methodist Church, Downtown Winnsboro18 - Mansion, First Methodist Church, Downtown Winnsboro19 - Pest Control Building, First Methodist Church, Downtown Winnsboro20 - Dilapidated Drive-Thru Near First Methodist Church, First Methodist Church, Downtown Winnsboro21 - Dilapidated Drive-Thru, Downtown Winnsboro22 - Storefront Reflection, Downtown Winnsboro23 - Business Sign, Downtown Winnsboro24 - Obama-Stickered Barbershop, Downtown Winnsboro25 - Storefront, Downtown Winnsboro26 - Douglass Building, Downtown Winnsboro

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