FAQ | Northern Virginia Wedding Photography
Who will photograph my wedding?
Roger Hammons is the lead photographer for every wedding the studio accepts.  He is a PPA master photographer and craftsman, credentials awarded by the Professional Photographers of America for excellence in image making and teaching professional photography.  While Roger is skilled at photographing weddings by himself, you may wish to supplement his coverage by adding a second skilled photographer to your wedding collection.  
What is your philosophy of wedding photography?
Roger approaches your wedding as an artist, with an open heart and mind, relying upon preparation and skill to capture storytelling images. He does not come to your wedding, as some photographers do, with a list of preconceived standard photographs he will take (whether you like them then or not).
These tenets guide our approach:
  1. Your wedding day should be one of joy and celebration.
  2. It should be photographed, thoughtfully and respectfully, using a photojournalistic approach to capture the day beautifully and honestly.
  3. Time should be set aside for portraits that document cherished family and friends, to honor them for their love and attention.
  4. An heirloom wedding album of high style and craftsmanship should tell your love story, beautifully, for generations to come.
  5. An evocative wall portrait of you and your beloved should adorn your home, as a daily reminder of love and commitment.
We photograph with mindfulness, to understand and reveal a love story that is—however traditional—yours and yours alone.
What is your photographic style?
My wedding photography has been described as sensitive, timeless, and romantic.
How do you handle restrictions on wedding photography at the ceremony or reception venues?
We abide by the rules imposed by your officiant and venues. We prepare by visiting the venues and coordinating with the rule setters ahead of time. This allows us to develop plans for capturing the best possible photographs under the constraints. Nonetheless, limitations are limitations. Please make sure you understand how the policies of your officiant and wedding venues will affect the photographs you want.
What happens if our wedding day preparations run late?
Usually, the major events of a wedding (ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner service, etc.) have strict starting times to ensure the celebration proceeds smoothly. If wedding preparations run late, the delay will most likely take time away from the planned family portraits and bridal party photographs. The most effective way to minimize the loss is to allow extra time in your schedule.
Do you provide prints or digital files?
We offer both.
Every wedding collection includes the edited, print-ready digital files. Each of these hi-res image files has been individually processed by the studio to ensure quality prints up to 8′′ × 10′′, with professional exposure, color, and composition. The studio retains ownership and copyright of the images, but grants you a license to make your own prints for personal use. Full-resolution digital files, allowing greater enlargements, are available with additional investment.
We love handcrafted custom prints, especially in our storytelling albums and as wall-decor canvases or metal prints. Every image that is printed by the studio—as a gift print, wall-decor print, or wedding album image—is beautifully enhanced by hand to match our artistic vision.
How many images do you take at a typical wedding?
We take more images than you’d ever want to sort through! During an 8-hour wedding, Roger will usually capture more than 1,000 images, and, if your coverage includes a second photographer, there will be substantially more.
As part of our professional services, we perform the time-intensive task of editing the raw captures, eliminating images that are duplicative or unflattering. We edit with the same care and intention as we photograph: To tell the unique story of your day as completely, as beautifully, and as compellingly as we can.
We typically deliver around 400-500 distinctive final images (perhaps a bit more if there is an additional photographer), illuminating the moments, details, people, and emotions of your wedding day.
When will we get to see our wedding photographs?
Your wedding images will be displayed in a personalized online gallery as soon as our edit is complete, usually within 2 weeks of your wedding day.  
If you selected one of our prix fixe wedding collections with wedding album, your custom-crafted heirloom album and archived image set will be delivered approximately 4 - 6 months after you approve the album design.  
Where can we see your work?
First, check out Roger's Virginia wedding photography recently featured on GayWeddings.com!  Then go to our wedding gallery for selected portfolio images, and don't miss the complete wedding albums of Brynn and Jimmy or of Lisa and Michael.  Other recent work highlights -- such as the cool Cinderella engagement session conducted at a drive-in movie theatre -- may be found in our blog (along with other useful tips and product information!).
And, of course, you're welcome to schedule a visit to my studio in Ashburn, Virginia.  Send me email or call me at 703-729-3780.  I'd love to meet you and chat about your wedding!