Our wedding photography albums are designed to tell the love stories of our brides and grooms in a moving and memorable fashion.

We prefer a mixture of wedding photojournalism and family portraiture to capture the genuine emotions and events of the day as well as preserve how the participants looked on that particular day. We like a mixture of timeless romantic images as well as images that show the uniqueness of our time. We photograph a wedding not by rote or with preconceptions, but as an artist, with sensitivity, observation, and genuine interest.

Please look through these sample album designs. See how that particular day was captured. Enjoy the diversity of images that allow you to watch the day's events, big and small, unfold. Note how our wedding album designs are clean yet decorative. The focus is on the images and the emotional history they preserve.

But the album is also a work of art--an embodiment of our studio's vision of celebrating love--handcrafted to be uniquely yours.