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Colorful Street Scenes | Northern Virginia Fine Art Photographer

December 13, 2017  •  1 Comment


On vacation, walking with my wife Michele through different Canadian cities, there is not much time to linger photographically.  So I capture quickly what captures my eye.  Most images created in this way are tourist postcards: reminders that we were there.  Some (hopefully) come closer to art.  

These three images below were among my favorite captures.  Clearly I was attracted to bold colors!  Hopefully the compositions are also interesting.  


Here the mural by Jason Botkin dominates the cityscape.  That was certainly the first thing I saw at this corner.  I enjoy the mural's bright colors and vivid shapes.  In the final image, I enjoy even more how the mural seems to integrate the scene, while simultaneously being so foreign to the city landscape.  Its organic shapes contrast to the rectangular shapes of the buildings; whereas its palette binds together the diverse colors surrounding the mural in a bolder representation that commands the viewer's eye.


In this image, I enjoy how the brilliant yellow of the "Cows Ice Cream" store, the vivid blue and pink of the ice cream banner, the lime green of the parking meter, the red of the fire hydrant, and the rainbow colors of the crosswalk all work together to create a whimsical street corner.  It makes me smile!


The unusual facade to this store is notable for the mix of colors: greens, golds, and oranges.  The dappled sunlight playing against the interior lights of the shop adds a bit of mystery.  


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