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Best Reasons for an Engagement Session

December 30, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


There are many very good reasons to schedule an engagement session with your wedding photographer. 

But perhaps, like many people, you worry that you won't feel comfortable in front of a camera.  Or, you might think that the tangible benefits of having engagement photographs -- to preserve memories of this special time of romance; to personalize save-the-date cards, reception guestbooks, etc. -- might not be worth the effort.

Most couples who take the plunge, however, find that they also benefit from their engagement session in two surprising ways:

The engagement photography session itself was fun!

The experience made their wedding photographs better, too.  

An engagement photography session is an opportunity to escape the stresses of planning the wedding, an opportunity to spend some quality time together.  What bride- or groom-to-be wouldn’t want to spend a few hours talking, laughing, nuzzling with their best friend and true love?  Or strolling together, enjoying the view, in a place special to them?  Properly planned, and with a skillful photographer as your guide, your engagement session should be a positive experience for the both of you, camera-shy or not.

A sympathetic photographer knows that, at the beginning of the session, you might feel awkward being the center of a photographer’s attention.  But, with skillful coaching by the photographer, that initial awkwardness will fade, and you’ll soon be wrapped up in -- and enjoying -- those special moments with your sweetheart.  (Moments that just happen to be captured in photographs!)

After the engagement session, you’ll likely feel much more comfortable in front of the camera, and your photographer will have learned how to bring out your best expressions and poses. You’ll be more relaxed and confident about the photography on your wedding day.   And the experience will show!

So get away, have fun, do an engagement photography session!  Your wedding will thank you.  


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