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Vermont Fall Color Diptych | Northern Virginia Fine Art Photographer

October 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Northern Virginia fine art photographer Roger Hammons shares an October 2017 image of Fall colors in Vermont entitled "The Introvert versus the Extravert Fall Diptych", which compares and contracts the reflections of an evergreen and maple tree in a small woodland pond near Woodstock, Vermont. "THE INTROVERT VERSUS THE EXTRAVERT FALL DIPTYCH"  by Roger Hammons


Chasing the Fall color in northeastern USA and Canada was great fun, even though the trip turned out to be a bit premature for peak color.  

I love this capture, an abstract image of colorful leaves reflected impressionistically in the rippling waters of a Vermont woodland pond.  In this scene, I was drawn to the interplay between the evergreen tree on the left and the maple tree on the right.  Together, the reflections of these two trees form a kind of diptych, each side presenting a similar splattering arrangement of colorful tree limbs, but differing rather emphatically in the spectrum of colors presented.  

The "introvert" (evergreen tree) is a quiet green, while the "extravert" (maple tree) is conspicuous in its rainbow of bright reds, yellows, and oranges.  

Different strokes for different folks!




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