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Family Portrait Gifts for Mothers' Day | Northern Virginia Family Portrait Photographer

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My three daughters wanted to re-create one of my wife's favorite portraits of them when they were little.  

When they were all visiting from out of town, the four of us slipped away from our significant others to do some secret "Father-Daughter" business.  With one of my DSLR cameras already hidden in the car, we drove over to a nearby park in Ashburn, Virginia, in search of a tree.  

Until my job brought us to Maryland in the early 1990s, we lived in a single family home in Simi Valley, California, the only home the two younger ones had known at the time.  A large mature tree dominated the front yard, and the three girls loved to climb on its low-hanging limbs.  

(On a return trip to California a few years after the move, they were sad to see that their tree had been ripped out by the new owners.)

My wife keeps a framed portrait of the three girls, posing in that tree, on her desk at home.  My daughters wanted to recreate that portrait as a Mothers' Day gift for her. 

At the neighborhood park, we couldn't find a tree of the same size: so, we looked for one that might provide a similar feel, with separate branches they'd be able to lean through at different heights.  That sounded easy, but it wasn't.  We tried many trees that just didn't work and were beginning to consider ourselves defeated.  

Then, we found a little tree that had just the right look.

The result was pretty amazing!  You can see our re-creation above, with the original photograph as a heart-shaped inset.  My daughters were quite excited, so it didn't take much coaxing to get them into the perfect positions with some terrific smiles.  

A beautiful nostalgic portrait, it reminds me of their childhood as well as the wonderful women they've become.  

Happy Mothers' Day!


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