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The 10-Minute Portrait Challenge | Northern Virginia Portrait Photographer

March 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Model & Actor Headshot | Northern Virginia Portrait PhotographerModel & Actor Headshot | Northern Virginia Portrait Photographer


At a recent portrait photography workshop, I was given the following challenge:  

In a tiny park that I'd never been to before, in the middle of a harsh sunny day, take a model I've never met before and, with just a camera (no auxiliary reflectors or lighting equipment), create a beautiful portrait before a 10-minute clock expired.    

No, it wasn't a photographer's performance anxiety nightmare.  It was a honest, real-life dare; and, I must confess, I started the challenge in fight-or-flight panic mode.  Hunting for a good location with beautiful natural light, I tried and quickly abandoned three different locations before settling on a far corner of the park offering a wee bit of tree cover.  

I felt that the location by the tree had potential -- the tree provided a posing aide, and the sunlight reflected from the tall building opposite that corner provided a quality of light I could potentially work with -- and, being short on time, I had to make it work.  The main problem was the harsh sunlight coming in from behind the model.  I solved that problem step-by-step (literally!), moving the model forward/backward/sideways and adjusting her pose to minimize the glare.  

Having solved the technical lighting and posing problems (at least until the sun moved!), I only needed a great expression from my model before time expired. Because she was an experienced model/actress, she could easily translate my cues and suggestions into a graceful look.  

The result was the beautiful portrait shown above.  

Despite my initial panic, the portrait was completed with 90 seconds still left on the clock!

Way to go, Roger!


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